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Wordpress Developer (Freelance)

4. Apr. 2022

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Wordpress Developer (Freelance)


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We are looking for a (Wordpress) Developer who can migrate a custom/bootstrap4 solution to the tailpress wp-theme


  • Achieve 95 to 100 numbers in lighthouse
  • 0 content shift
  • Less Javascript as possible


  • Rewrite all custom and bootstrap CSS classes to tailwindcss
  • Update HTML markup if required
  • Update ACF Fields to use e.g. wordpress wp_get_attachment_image function
  • Update all background images to be images (absolute, object-fit cover, ...)
  • Bonus: Remove all not strictly required WordPress plugins
  • Bonus: Disable WP comment system and remove all the “bloat”
  • Bonus: Add a slightly larger contact form (if possible without plugins)


We have an exact copy of the prod website, running on the staging system. The template has already been setup, the job could be started right away.

Stand: 4. Apr. 2022

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